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Hey there! I'm Tilda Whitaker Bailey, better known as "Tilda -The Coach's Mentor".

I'm all about helping emerging female ministry leaders create passive revenue streams, accelerate authority and design global impact with clarity, confidence, and credibility to support their ministry vision.

All about saying no to more work or more hours.

From setting up the right messages and processes to create and produce provision, to developing support, I'm committed with helping female ministry entrepreneurs create the life, ministry, and business of their dreams.


You're in the right place if:

You're an emerging entrepreneur female ministry leader. You're working and oh so ready to create provision for your ministry vision for global impact. But you already feel wiped out.

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

  • More diligent female ministry leaders face challenges within their ministries.

  • Desire growth and credibility.

  • They want to become balanced, energetic leader with provision for their ministry.

  • 80% will experience burnout within first five years and leave the ministry.

  • Need to be a strong positive communicator as they sometimes must work in gender bias environments.

  • According to statistics, 70% of ministry leaders constantly fight depression.

They love their work, but they’re exhausted. And they need to figure out how to create more provision for ministry without more work.

But how and what? I totally get it…. I went from a struggling single mom minister to a global fulfilled prosperous marketplace minister in the span of a few years.

Here's What I know:
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Here's My Story

I’ve been creating passive revenue in my ministry and business over 20 years. But before that? I started off just like you.

I was running a non-profit for single moms, while also juggling the demand of a home and family. Every minute of my time was booked up in service to others.

I was exhausted, stressed, out and depressed about my life for lack of.

I started my ministry and business with a big vision.

But what I had created was just another version of the work, eat, sleep, repeat it cycle. That I was trying to escape.

I got prayerfully 20/20 clear on my global vision.

I even started my own eyewear company, Vision to Vision.

I worked on personal growth for confidence, credibility, and accelerated authority.

I see your problems; I understand your pain I went through many of them.

 That’s why I created the 5 pillars for global impact, accelerated authority, passive revenue streams, serial kingdom legacy and epic ministry vision in my Alpha 5 Mastermind Program.

After 12 months you will experience establishing your own profitable global coaching program with social media strategy, obtain certifications as a Life Coach -ICF approved training and Mentor, certificate in Group Coaching, nonprofit management, and coach trainer. You design your purposeful signature revenue streams, create with confidence for generational wealth to come by learning from 6 figure earners through their trainings & insights so you can have complete financial freedom and provision for your vision, crushing your blind spots, take action on your gifts. Clarify your authentic power & reason to be, so you can always know where you’re going, so you can make impact and profit.  I will support you in numerous ways, so you can have consistent clients coming in.  

Finally, I built the team so I could dedicate 15 hours weekly to work on revenue generating activities in my business.

After I did that my ministry and business went through a powerful life changing shift. Overtime I was able to delete the do more work harder mindset and I started to invest in even more processes and support I desperately needed.

And my ministry and business only continued to grow and prosper with or without me.

Because let me be clear.

Invest in yourself. Do less work and make more isn't some supernatural thing only I can do. I've taught hundreds how to do this, and I'd love to help you too.

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